Ibiza Experiences

Ibiza is world renowned for its vibrant nightlife, private parties, beautiful people, fashion, and that feeling of being in a magical place. But there is much more to it, Ibiza is a place that subconsciously raises your spirits and detoxes your mind. There are no scientific studies to back it up but we have been here for many years, and when our guests return to our hotel in Ibiza, do you know what they say?  I needed to come back here.

Some coves can be reached in 4x4 or taxi, while to access others you will need a good pair of trainers. We can also arrange speedboat or helicopter hire if you prefer. From our 5 star hotel we will take you where you like, how you like and with who you like. As simple as that.


Dalt Vila

Discover the rich array of culture on offer on such a small island as this. Dalt Vila is one of the fine examples, which amazes locals and outsiders alike for its history and origins.

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Ibiza Cuisine

Fine dining is another characteristic hallmark of this Mediterranean island. The finest example of the gastronomic quality on offer is to be found at restaurant Kyüpiddo, offering a menu on a par with Ibiza’s characteristic glamour.

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