Ibiza Cuisine

At Kyüpiddo, you can find a little of New York, Paris, Tokyo, Barcelona, Rome, and Marrakesh, all on the same plate, skilfully crafted with sublime delicacy. Ibiza offers probably the best service and the finest quality of cuisine in the world. Because this island gathers the elite and greatest glamour on the planet, from spring until well into autumn.

As we love to keep saying: If the great Ian Fleming had known La Torre, one of his romantic clips of Bond would have been shot in this spectacular Mediterranean enclave. Shakespeare or Fitzgerald would have had the perfect Cupid, and Nureda would have marvelled at how in even the most sophisticated, elaborate dishes you can perceive the simplicity and respect for local produce and fine imported ingredients.

One of the most exclusive places and without doubt, the most el spectacular restaurant in Ibiza, majestically stands in the height of Dalt Vila high above the marina and bay of the island. It is easy to feel truly in love because this place never fails to amaze. Together with your partner, under hundred-year old olive trees lit up by shooting stars and distant neon lights, with your reflection in the marvellous pool, the calm of the night is only broken by the sound of uncorking your Cristal Brut champagne, a truly amazing experience. At Kyüpiddo the Japanese-Mediterranean fusion signature dishes are not just another blend of cultures like so many other cuisines. When you sample a chilled red prawn Yosenabe or the crunchy piglet cannelloni with truffle, and Shizen caramelized figs, you know you are experiencing a unique culture, born on this magical island.

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Kyüpiddo, in the heights of Dalt Vila, is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants on Ibiza. The menu is a mere hint of the wonders created in its kitchen. Boasting an international cuisine like no other, it is a true godsend for even the most demanding palates.

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