On Ibiza few things are ever experienced twice, but there are two exceptions: the sun and the moon. Why settle for caviar when on this Mediterranean jewel you can also enjoy lobster If you want an authentic experience in a luxury hotel on Ibiza, La Torre del Canónigo is your paradise. We know that you want exclusiveness so we offer you the gift of the most romantic hotel in Dalt Vila, a unique place to fall in love, relax, and dine in the privileged environment that your stay deserves. We will open our doors up to the finest shore under the sun and the most shimmering under the moon, because we are in Ibiza, the place of unique and exclusive experiences that can occur in any magic corner of the sand, or on the best and most spectacular dance floors.

Hotel in Dalt Vila with spectacular views

We are the only 5 star hotel in Ibiza to enjoy spectacular views over the marina and the bay. Perched in the highest part of the heart of Dalt Vila, a town declared World Heritage site by the UNESCO, this artistic monument is the unquestionable bearer of all the luxury hotels in Ibiza with historic value. This privileged position means that from its bedrooms, pool, and restaurant, the whole town lays below, offering the most beautiful panoramic view of the island. Without doubt, one of the most spectacular views of the Mediterranean.

Luxury within luxury

Take a dip into in the terrace jacuzzi of one of the bedrooms. Unwind at the pool among century-old olive trees while the sun goes down after an intense day by the sea. Observe how hundreds of lights decorate the world’s entertainment centre. Contemplate how fishing boats come and go from the marina, luxury yachts and sail boats, while the cathedral bell reminds us we are in no hurry. These are just some of the most mesmerizing and relaxing experiences that La Torre del Canónigo offers you, the best luxury hotel on the beach of Ibiza.

The exclusive standard of our hotel lures celebrities such as Jean Paul Gaultier here frequently. Everything is possible in our boutique hotel in Ibiza, with the convenience of being just a step away from the town centre, the shops, paradisiacal beaches and all of the island’s entertainment, and just 5 minutes from the centre and a 15-minute drive to the airport.

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  • Private transport
  • Airport-hotel-airport transport service
  • Breakfast until 2pm
  • 24 hour room service
  • Wi-Fi in all the hotel
  • Gastronomy in hotel and water sheet
  • Terrace on upper level
  • 24 hour medical service
  • Laundry and dry cleaning service
  • Personal trainers and special gym service
  • Wellness, beauty and massage
  • 24 hour security service