We will never tire of repeating it. If the great Ian Fleming had known The Canon Tower, some of Bond’s most romantic sequences would have been shot in this spectacular corner of the Mediterranean, Shakespeare or Fitzgerald would have had the perfect Cupid and Neruda would have been surprised to see how even on the plates more sophisticated and elaborate, simplicity and respect for local products and imported raw materials are perceived. One of the most exclusive places and, without a doubt, the most spectacular restaurant in Ibiza is at the top of Dalt Vila, dominating the entire port and bay of the island.


When we are surprised here, staying in love is easy. Hand in hand with your partner, protected under centuries-old olive trees and illuminated by a shower of stars and distant neons, thus, entertained with knowing looks in the reflection of a wonderful sheet of water, interrupted only by the sound of the uncorking of a Brut Crystal, it’s how we really surprise. In Kyupiddo, the signature Japanese-Mediterranean fusion is not just a mix of cultures like in many other cuisines. When you taste a cold Yosenabe from the carabinieri or a crispy suckling pig stuffed with truffle and candied figs in Shizen, you realize that you are experiencing a culture of your own, born on this magical island.